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Manufacturer of Special Taps and Dies
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Standard Taps
Looking for Special
or Standard Taps & Dies?
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Different Taps in Stock!

TAPCO has manufactured Special or Standard Taps & Dies for over 40 years. We offer more than 100,000 different taps in stock. They include: Acme, Acme Sets,Tandem Acmes, 2G, 3G Acme, Carbide, Cobalt, Trapezoidal, British Whitworth, Pulley, STI, Pipe, NPT, NPS, NPSI, NPSM, NPSL, NPSF, NPTF, Form, Extension, and Metric.

We have extensive sizes. In addition, we offer special taps manufactured to your P.D.s. in both right and left hand taps, along with Combination Drill & taps.

In most cases, Same Day shipment or 24 Hour delivery for special taps.

Taps & Dies