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About Tapco Cutting Tools

Tapco was founded in 1970, as "THE TAP SPECIALIST" to provide a full range of services including special tap and die manufacturing, tool resharpening, standard taps and dies, and precision thread grinding. As a small manufacturer, it was important for the company to surround itself with the most knowlegeable people in the industry, and as as result 4 decades later Tapco USA has firmly "planted" itself and is recognized around the globe as a unique Specialties house".Tapco proudly services our military's demands for special tooling around the world. Tapco proudly services our military's demands for special tooling around the world.

As Tapco USA became a force in the cutting tool industry the customer base grew as a result of hard work and dedication. As the customer base increased we started servicing manufacturers in many different fields, from the small job shops to the aerospace and automotive industries. We provide tooling for numerous power plants accrossed the united states.

In 2014 Tapco USA started a new chapter , becoming Tapco Cutting Tools Inc. With two long term employees taking the reins, Tapco remains a small manufacturer that has thrived throughout the last 44 years. Our long term base remains strong, along with new friends we have made along the way. We service all 50 states and across the globe as well.. We have never lost sight of the importance of serving in a professional and friendly manner. Our entire staff is dedicated to the same principles that this company was founded on so many years ago. We look forward to serving you in a courteous and professional manner in the near future.

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