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Many of the components for firearms are specialized threads, especially in the restoration of antique firearms. Tapco Cutting Tools has been serving the gunsmithing industry for many years providing hard-to-find “obsolete” taps and dies for restorations.

fountain pen on paper with ink text closeup

Pen Turners (Pen Making Industry)

Penmakers aka Pen Turners are a group of people known for their ability to fashion pen caps and barrels for creating unique handmade pens. Tapco Cutting Tools provides special taps and dies used in the art of pen making, including, multiple lead threads in specific sizes exclusive to this industry.

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Tapco Cutting Tools is proudly serving our military around the world with tooling for a variety of needs.

Group of scientists studying chemical


Specialized tooling quoted per print.

Power Generating service

Power Generating Service

Solar and wind 8 and 12 pitch taps often needed in urgent situations for emergency repairs to avert shutdowns.

mining truck

Mining, Oil and Gas Industries

Providing taps and dies for onsite repairs when time is of the utmost importance.

Passenger commercial airplane

Aerospace Industry

UNJ taps and dies with a controlled root radius for external threads, and larger minor diameters.

TGV intercity high speed train


Taps and dies for repairs and maintenance for a variety of uses including for the locomotive industry.

Hands of car mechanic

Automotive Industry

Tapco Cutting Tools provides taps to improve productivity in the manufacturing of workpieces such as hub bearings, crankshafts, tie end rods, as well as, maintenance projects.

college building in fall

Schools and Universities

Providing tools used in the process of teaching specific skills or using taps and dies for special projects.

Close up of two camera lenses with isolated circular filter on negative film strips

Optical Threads

Taps and dies for optomechanical components provided as American or Metric threads. Standard and specialized taps and dies provided for specific components and tapping applications.

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